Finn Voichick

Hello! I'm Finn, and this is my homepage. I'm a computer science student at Washington University in St. Louis, with research interests in human-computer interaction and quantum computing. Here are some things I've been working on:

Current Research

Washington University in St. Louis
Washington University in St. Louis

At WashU , I'm currently working as a research assistant in the department of computer science and engineering. I'm working with Dr. Caitlin Kelleher to develop a model of api learning. This has involved building a logging system, designing a study with human subjects, and building an interface for manually labelling logged data.

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Previous Research

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Umd Research

In the summer of 2019, I worked as a research assistant in the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science at the University of Maryland. There, I worked on implementing, visualizing, and improving Haah's algorithm for quantum signal processing decomposition.

Haah's algorithm
Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Cmu Research

In the summer of 2018, I was a research assistant at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, working with Dr. Brad Myers. I studied api usability, focusing on discoverability of api elements and the involvement of mental models in api design, leading to two publications.

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Other Work

Washington University in St. Louis

At WashU, I'm in the joint B.S./ M.S. program, so I'm currently pursuing two degrees:

  • A B.S. in computer science with a second major in mathematics and a minor in philosophy-neuroscience-psychology
  • An M.S. in computer science with a certificate in data mining and machine learning

I expect to complete both of these after four years, in spring 2020.

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Cse 231s

I am Head Teaching Assistant for cse 231s: Introduction to Parallel and Concurrent Programming. This has involved course organization, designing assignments, and substitute lecturing.

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Washington University in St. Louis
Studio: Tesla

I am on the executive board for Studio Tesla, a student-run WashU volunteering group that sets up after-school stem clubs in local middle schools. As the head of the Enrichment team, I'm in charge of our curriculum development.

BitBrawl sample players

I led the development of BitBrawl, an ai programming competition for high school and college students. This competition ran from May to September 2018.

High School

In high school, I was head of programming for my robotics team, BadgerBots Frc Team 1306. In my senior year, our robot, Nautilus, made it to semifinals in our division at the world championship. Our code (for which I was the lead developer) is open source.

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